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Your home is your sanctuary. Why leave your space to chance? Hire us knowing that we’ll execute your vision, manage your budget, and thoughtfully curate a space that is equal parts beautiful and functional, while wholly cohesive between rooms.
From big decisions to finite details, you will come away with a consciously designed space that is sustainable and eco-friendly where possible while in complete alignment with your passions so you feel entirely at home in your space.

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Starting at $500

Starting at $2500

Conscious interior design for clients & developers ready to trust an expert with their home or investment property.

Personalized recommendations for clients ready to love the space they’re in. Sidestep copy-and-paste interior decor and see your personality reflected in your space.

Building a stage so you can show the world the REAL essence of your brand.  It's not just a Brand Photo Session, it's a creative rebirth. 

Custom Interior Design

E- Design

Branding Packages

Custom Interior Design

Discover a space that’s both conscious and cohesive, with our custom interior design service made for busy homeowners ready to trust an expert with their interiors. From homes to investment properties, we take full ownership of your project to curate, source, assemble, and complete your space. Beginning with your vision, we’ll work with you to develop a budget and concept. With your approval, we’ll then get to work on your home and execute everything from fixtures to furniture so you can simply sit back and enjoy the space you’re in.

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For clients not local to British Columbia, E-Design is the way to go to receive professional interior design guidance for your space that you can put into action right away. When you book the E-Design service, you’ll come away with personalized recommendations and a room-by-room breakdown including color choices, furniture inspiration, exact fixtures, linens, and more, available for you to purchase. 

To begin, click through to book your spot. Simply share images of your space along with its dimensions and your vision so we can curate recommendations that work perfectly for your unique home.

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For Developers

Whether you’re developing condos, vacation rentals, apartments, or something else, allow us to come alongside you to provide thoughtful interiors that capture the spirit of your project and appeal to the buyers you want to reach most. From fixtures to faucets to vanities, countertops, furniture, and decor, I’ll work with your team to curate a modern, thoughtfully designed interior concept that is locally and sustainably sourced.

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A wealth of knowledge on local shops and products, I believe a happy planet doesn’t come from one person going green perfectly, but rather lots of people taking small initiatives that have a big impact. 

As your interior designer, I will create a space that’s both reflective of your vision and conscious of the planet wherever possible. If you’re a homeowner or developer ready to trust their interiors to an expert, we look forward to partnering with you in creating a space that truly feels like home.

You could hire just any interior designer. Or you can work with us, a conscious interior designer who cares about sourcing locally and building a more sustainable world.

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Client testimonials



“Jade and I can't stop smiling. You really hit it out of the park! We are so grateful for all that you have done to make our Manhattan vision come to life! Your thoughtfulness and attention to detail made this space feel like home for us already!”

- Brian

“We are still in awe of what you have accomplished here. Thank you so much for bringing our vision to life. We love it so much and are so incredibly grateful for the hustle and heart you put into this place!”

- JAde

“Courtney you made our space feel like an actual home and just a box we live in. I'm also grateful you pushed us to design our bathroom with a half painted wall because it's our favourite AND our most loved piece in the house when guests come over. You are incredible, thank. you!!!”

- Tina and Andrew

Authentic. Inspiring. Impactful. Design.

Let’s transform your space into the home you’ve always imagined.

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Helping you design the space of your dreams!

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